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Whatever the water heating need, Petrillo’s Plumbing can meet it. We offer service and installations for conventional, electric and tankless water heaters. Conventional water heaters are the most common type of water heating system for the home. Electric water heaters can provide your home with gallons of hot water at the perfect temperature for showers, laundry, washing dishes and any other heated water needs that arise. Tankless Water Heaters save you money on your energy bill by heating water only when needed. Each type offers different advantages and benefits for your specific needs and we pride ourselves on providing a diverse selection of water heaters.

No waiting necessary

Petrillo’s Plumbing provides same day installation services available for your water heater needs. We also provide repairs and maintenance on an existing water heater. Don’t go a day without hot water.

Save energy and save money

The proper maintenance and repair on your water heater can save your home or business an enormous amount of energy, which translates to an enormous amount of savings. Also, having the right water heater installed will also save your energy and money. If you aren’t sure what water heater system is best for your needs, just give us a call and we will gladly assist you in finding the best choice to meet your needs.

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*Some exclusions apply, New water heater must be furnished and installed by us – coupon cannot be applied to water heaters provided by others.

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